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Create a custom website that automates your independent fitness business in minutes

Colleen uses onPodio to build her business

Colleen used to manage class bookings via DMs, payments via Venmo and link sharing manually via email.

Now her clients can view, book and pay for her classes seamlessly and professionally on her own custom page!
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Core Platform

Receive bookings

Accept online

Automate emails / link sharing

Build a client

Track your

Custom multi-page

Core Platform - Limited Time

No Platform Fees

You keep 97%
Credit card fee avg 3%

Professionalize your business

If fitness is your profession, then professionalize your business with onPodio
$10,000 per month
Our top creators make over $10,000 a month by automating the admin so they can focus on growing their business

Less than 5 minutes to get setup. Simple.

Your brand

Build a business that grows your brand, not someone else's

Your business

Automate the admin so you can focus on teaching & growing

Your clients

Build direct client relationships to create your community

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