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How using onPodio helped Brittney grow her virtual fitness business by 20%+
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Get to know Brittney Stracener

Brittney Stracener is a Dallas based fitness professional where prior to creating STAY FIT Virtual she was a top instructor at Barry’s, a personal trainer and has also been featured on POPSUGAR.

The Challenge

Brittney was quick to move online as the pandemic set in. Having never run a class online before she picked up the tools and got to Zooming within 2 days as a way to continue her own regiment but also to bring her friends, family and clients along the fitness journey that will eventually become STAY FIT Virtual.

“Honestly, it was a little disorientating those first few weeks. Zoom was new to me, getting the video and music stream to be up to standard was a bit of a learning curve but fortunately I got the hang of it pretty quickly”

STAY FIT Virtual proved to be a bit of a runway success. Within weeks her classes were about as full as her usual pre-pandemic in-person studio classes. Brittney was up until now running everything manual - her DMs were filled with booking requests or info, her Venmo was a mess to keep up with and cross checking it to then send the Zoom link became a burden. 

And beyond this Brittney had set grand plans to grow her business beyond just live streams with on-demand, but the admin had become a nightmare to the point of slowing the growth of STAY FIT Virtual.

The Solution

As a busy mom to 4 kids, Brittney needed a solution that would help her automate her live streams, unlock on-demand as a new offering, and let her focus on creating a multi-dimensional fitness business.

“I stumbled upon onPodio in July and it seemed to be a bit of a no-brainer. I loved that it just had everything in one spot and was incredibly simple. I didn’t need to connect a bunch of tools together, it automated all the stuff I was doing manually via IG, Venmo and email and it even built a website for me”.

Brittney had her website setup within a day, running all of her bookings for her live classes and purchases for on-demand through onPodio within 3 days and by the following week 100% of her business was automated. 100s of transactions were now seamlessly being processed by onPodio. 

The Results

onPodio helped Brittney unlock the true potential of STAY FIT Virtual by allowing her to tap into the overwhelming demand for on-demand classes. 

Brittney’s clients couldn’t always make it to the live streams and the convenience of on-demand meant they could fully commit to STAY FIT Virtual and the program Brittney delivered irrespective of if they caught her live or an hour or day later!

Before using onPodio some clients didn’t know to ask for the on-demand recording but now they can access her library whenever they want - whether it’s the class from the day before or here Tulum vibe special from a month prior. 

This has meant that STAY FIT Virtual’s on-demand offering now represents a bigger share then the livestreams and grown overall sales by in excess of 25% in the first month alone. This entire process became automated with onPodio. 

“My clients love that they can browse my on-demand content library and view my live schedule in one spot. And I love that I simply don’t have to trawl through Insta DM’s and Venmo anymore”

Importantly, the time saved has meant she can better juggle home life and work life, as well as spend more time executing her vision for STAY FIT Virtual.

So what’s next for Brittney? 

“Well all I’ll say is that STAY FIT Virtual was up until recently called STAY FIT Britt… we rebranded and launched @stayfitvirtual because… well.. there’s going to be more to this OBSESSION then just Britt! You’ll just have to follow my IG for the updates 😉”
View their onPodio website

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