Everything you need as a virtual instructor

Powering your business. Saving you time. Increasing your sales.

Class Bookings

Automate your class bookings

  • onPodio makes creating, managing and booking your classes incredibly easy for both you and your clients
  • No third party tools or plugins required... and no more bookings via Instagram DMs 🤳
On Demand Library

Sell on-demand classes

  • Sell your on-demand recordings to generate new passive income whether by recording existing live classes or creating special on-demand content
  • No need for clients to always be available for your live classes... record, upload and monetize! 🎬

Generate recurring income

  • Earn predictable, recurring revenue by offering a weekly or monthly memberships that keep your clients accountable.
  • No more calendar reminders to collect payment or spreadsheet trackers 💰
Class Packs

Offer class pack discounts

  • Offer your clients a discount in return for their commitment and loyalty by creating class packages.
  • No need to keep a spreadsheet (or notebook!) tracking the use of class credits 📦
Custom Website

Your own custom multi-page website

  • Create your very own beautiful, customizable multi-page website that expresses your brand in a matter of minutes
  • No need for a computer science degree to create this website and way cooler then just another "profile page" 😉

Zoom, Stripe and more

  • onPodio has integrated with a number platforms to make running your business even simpler including Zoom for 1-click virtual classes, Stripe for online payments as well as Instagram and Spotify

30 seconds to get setup.

Get all features instantly. No credit card required.

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Your brand

Build a business that grows your brand, not someone else's

Your business

Automate the admin so you can focus on teaching & growing

Your clients

Build direct client relationships to create your community

Common Questions.

Why should I use onPodio?

onPodio might be the right choice for you if you are a fitness professional or creator who is running an independent or freelance business in need of a booking, scheduling and payment management platform.

onPodio is designed with fitness creators solely in mind. If you’re starting out as a fitness creator, you can keep everything under one roof leading to better, more consistent client experiences and fewer headaches for managing multiple groups, platforms, and clients.

How is onPodio different from other fitness apps?

We lower the technology barrier for fitness creators so that they can take their amazing brands and make it THEIR amazing business... not someone else's!

Unlike many fitness apps and platforms out there, onPodio is centered on helping you create a business that you own and control. We're not a fitness marketplace and we don't stand between you and your clients as the "brand". Rather we provide you with the utility belt of tools, modules and features for your to build an online presence run your fitness business how you please.

How much does it cost to use onPodio?

onPodio is completely free to use for the fitness professional which includes all features inlcuding class bookings, payments, email automation, Zoom integration, memberships, class packs and more.

onPodio charges a small 49c + 3% booking fee from the customer (for example on a $10 class the booking fee paid by the customer would be 79c).

To accept online payments Stripe charges you a credit card processing fee that varies by country. See Stripe pricing for more details.

Do I have to use Zoom?

No! onPodio is specifically designed to be fully flexible to your preferences. So if you prefer another live streaming platform like Facebook Live, Google Hangouts, YouTube Live, Skype or anything else then you can use that with onPodio!

Is it easy for my clients to use onPodio?

Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for your clients to engage and transact with you. That's why we've made it a simple to use, mobile optimized web app that you can link your clients directly too... and best of all they don't even need to make an account to book into any classes!

Check out the demo page to get a sense for what it's like as a client!