3 reasons why fitness instructors should avoid marketplace platforms

There are many platforms out there that promise virtual fitness professionals a way to be discovered while helping them manage the admin of bookings, payments, etc. But here's 3 really important factors you should consider before building your business on a marketplace platform.


#1 You end up building the fitness platforms brand and business, not your own!

Initially, it might seem like a good way to build your business on a marketplace platform that promises that you’ll get discovered by new clients, but ultimately you end up building the marketplace’s brand and not your own.

To use a very relevant example in the fitness industry, just take a look at ClassPass and the impact it has had on the fitness industry, in particular studios. Think about it, when someone books a class on ClassPass, they almost always tell their friends that they “booked a class on ClassPass” and not that they “booked a class at [studio]”


#2 You have basically no ownership over the clients

The definition of a marketplace is to help connect “demand” (i.e. customers) with “supply” (i.e. instructors). Without balancing this equation a marketplace offers little value, and a marketplaces main interest is to own the client relationships so they can insert themselves between the relationship with the instructor. 

If the pandemic has highlighted one thing, it’s that fitness professionals need to have direct relationships with their clients!

#3 You end up losing control of pricing

Because of points 1 and 2 above, as the marketplace grows it wields more power and often ends up squeezing your margins. Again take a read of the article ‘ClassPass Is Squeezing Studios to the Point of Death’ for a relevant example in the fitness industry.


How onPodio is different?

Our mission at onPodio is to help independent fitness professionals build their own business. Our customer is you, the fitness professional, and that means we want to arm you with all of the tools and infrastructure you need to take your incredible brand the most incredibly successful business that control. 

  • You own your client list
  • You are the brand that is at the top of the hierarchy, not onPodio and as a result, you build your brand, not someone else’s
  • You set your own prices and determine the memberships or class pack discounts you offer

To learn more about the features of onPodio check out the features list here.

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