5 Easy Tips for Promoting Your Virtual Fitness Classes on Social Media

So, you’re in the middle of a global pandemic and you’ve transitioned your personal training and group fitness classes online. 


You’ve figured out Zoom. You’ve put together workout plans. And you’ve tailored your training style for your virtual clients. 


Everything is ready, but you aren’t seeing the same turn out that you had when you were running in-person classes. 


What do you do? 


It’s time to promote your fitness classes on social media so that the right people hear about it! 


Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok are all perfect places to do this because of their image and video focused platforms. They allow you to show clients what they can expect from your fitness classes. And they reach a world of fitness fanatics beyond your existing followers. 


But, if you’ve never used social media platforms to promote your fitness business, it can be a little tricky to navigate. It’s definitely not like using your personal accounts. 


Our team came up with five tips to help you promote your virtual fitness classes on social media:

Illustration of fitness instructors promoting their virtual fitness classes online.


Create FOMO by sharing what your current clients are posting


If you already have clients, either virtual or from teaching in-person classes, it’s likely that they are on social media. And they might have already posted something about your fitness classes on their feed. 


You can use this to your advantage and create FOMO (fear of missing out) for others by showcasing how others are loving your workouts. 


Plus, you will establish a stronger connection with the clients that you repost from. And you reach their communities, all without having to create any new content.


Get competitive: Run a fitness challenge


The success of TikTok dance challenges are a testament to how successful challenges can be on social media. You can do the same thing with your online fitness classes. All you have to do is create the challenge, create a hashtag, and ask your clients to tag you in their posts.


And you don’t have to even be on TikTok for it. All social media platforms like Facebook, TikTok, Instagram use hashtags. So you can create the challenge for each social media platform you’re on. 


Are you a zumba instructor? Choreograph a short routine and get your followers to post their take on it. Are you a yoga instructor? Ask your followers to post their best headstand. You can even award your favorite participants with a free class! 


You’ll generate energy for your online fitness classes as your clients post to your hashtag. Their communities will see what they’re doing and will want to join in, too. And you’ll be able to establish a mini-tribe through using a hashtag that’s specific to your fitness brand. 


Collaborate with other instructors or fitness influencers


This tip takes a little more work and coordination than the first two, but it can definitely bring a huge reward.


Other fitness influencers and instructors in your network are bound to have clients that don’t overlap with your existing clientele. 


Do something that benefits both of you and create a collaborative workout that blends your workouts in a circuit or an Instagram Live! 



Offer valuable content and information - even to those who aren’t paying clients (yet)

Take the time to build your community by offering valuable content and information from the get-go. 


If you’re trying to bring in more paying clients to your virtual fitness classes, show them what’s in it for them.


Start by creating an Instagram Reel or TikTok with a quick how-to workout for whatever it is you teach. For example, if you’re a yoga instructor, film (and then speed it up) a short yoga flow that your viewers can do at home. If your virtual workout classes focus more on cardio or HIIT, give them a quick workout that they can do in their living room. 


By doing this, you’ll show them the value you have to offer. They’ll be thinking “Wow, if this is what I already get for free, then I can’t wait to see what I get if I’m a paying client!” 


Plus, you’ll be creating super shareable content, which means more people will want to spread your videos around. And, of course, that means more potential clients seeing your value. 


Keep showing up


There’s no doubt that your followers are interested in what you have to offer. But to keep them engaged and interested, you have to be consistent and keep showing up.


Create a plan that allows you to post as often as it works within your schedule and showcases all of the classes that you have to offer. 


An easy way to show up? Post to Instagram Stories. Stories are a great way to make your followers feel more involved in your process. You can post interactive polls and sneak peeks to new class offerings to make your followers feel like they have insider knowledge into your fitness brand. 


Interested in other ways to grow your virtual fitness business?  Read this blog post here!


Social media platforms are an awesome way to promote your virtual fitness classes. And most of the time, it’ll cost you absolutely nothing! 

These tips will help you reach a wider audience and promote your fitness business online. If you’re planning on offering both live streamed virtual classes and on-demand classes (want to read more about that? Click here!), onPodio makes this incredibly simple for both you and your future clients. 

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