5 Tips to Help You Expand Your Virtual Fitness Business in 2021

A new year always brings about new year’s resolutions. And it never fails - a huge amount of people put exercise, health, or fitness at the top of their list. 

But we’ve got a new year’s resolution for you as a fitness instructor running an online fitness business. We’re sharing 5 tips on how to expand your virtual fitness business in 2021.

A fitness coach fist bumps his client after completing a workout.

Create an onPodio Account

One of the first things you can do to expand your virtual fitness business this year is create an onPodio account. 

Why onPodio? 

Your onPodio account (which is free to start, by the way!) allows you to create a custom website for your online fitness business. You’ll look cohesive and completely on-brand with your business through a website that’s tailored to you. 

Plus, one great thing about using onPodio to expand your virtual fitness business in 2021? No more having to book clients through DM’s on Instagram. No third-party booking plugins or sites needed. You can book your clients straight through your onPodio account. 

Do we have you hooked? Go ahead and start your onPodio account now to start expanding your fitness business. 

Move Away from Venmo

Now, we’re not shaming anyone for using Venmo. 

But if you’re ready to start growing, you’re going to need to start leveling up your fitness brand. One of the biggest ways to look like an amateur? Using a third-party site like Venmo to bill clients. 

We’ve got an answer for you, though.

Starting an onPodio account gives you the opportunity to move away from Venmo. Use an easier alternative that stays on-brand with your fitness business. 

No more awkwardly having to say “Oh yeah, you can just pay me through Venmo.” Instead, set up booking and automated billing through your onPodio account. 

Ask Clients for Testimonials

If you’re looking to expand your virtual fitness business, start asking your clients for testimonials.

Why is this important for your fitness brand? It gives clients who are looking at your classes and memberships an opportunity to “go last.” Potential clients are more likely to book with you when they see that someone else has gone before them and loved their experience. It takes the hesitation away from handing over their credit card. 

So, to grow your brand in 2021, start asking your current clients what they think of your fitness services. 

But, as a warning, you might run into clients who don’t know what to say when you ask them for a testimonial. Writer’s block is a real thing. Come prepared by having some open-ended, prompting questions to ask them. 

Here are a couple of questions you can ask your clients to nail an awesome testimonial that’s sure to help grow your brand:

  • What problems were you having before you started with [your fitness brand services]?
  • How did those problems make you feel? 
  • What were you nervous about before starting with [your fitness brand services]?
  • What changed for you once you started with [your fitness brand services]?
  • What would you say to someone who is thinking about trying [your fitness brand services]? 

Offer Personalized Support Through Memberships

Level up your virtual fitness business by incentivizing services with a special offer. Consider offering memberships to your clients. That’s a sure-fire way to expand and keep a loyal clientele. The great news is you can offer memberships through your onPodio account! 

And if you do offer a membership, set it apart by offering personalized support. Give your client a reason to want to sign up for a larger service. You can offer personal training over Zoom to certain membership clients. Or even send them an eBook for nutrition that you created. 

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Cultivate a Strong Fitness Community

Finally, expand your virtual fitness business cultivating a strong fitness community.

First, work on giving the best possible workouts in your fitness niche. Stick to what makes you unique within the fitness industry, so that your clients can connect with you on a deeper level. By doing so, you’ll turn your clients into raving fans of your fitness services. 

And then continue that excitement from your clients by creating a place for your fitness community to band together. This fitness community will be an extension of you and your brand, so make sure your personal fitness community values the same morals you do. 

Ultimately, building and cultivating a strong fitness community will help you grow your fitness business and take it to the next level. Your clients will be able to connect with you, and when they do, they’ll be telling all their friends to join ranks, too. 

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A new year means new goals. This year? Take the fitness industry by storm by expanding your own virtual fitness business! 

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