6 Ways to Run a Holiday Season Promotion as a Fitness Instructor

Should you have a holiday sale? Long story short: absolutely.

The world is your oyster when deciding what marketing strategy is right for you.  If you’re wondering what kind of sale is right, we’ve got you. It’s all about identifying what you want for your business and gearing your sales towards those needs. 

Are you looking to grow your client base? 

You might benefit from having an intro pack of classes and putting some classes on the schedule geared towards people who are getting back into the swing of working out or brand new to your classes.

What about offering discounts on a private class? 

This is perfect for all the families who usually do Turkey Trots or Winter Wonderland 5Ks together on holiday mornings who might not be able to gather in one place this winter. Offering a deal on private classes gives everyone a chance to lace up their shoes with family and get their heart rates up together all from the safety and comfort of their own homes. 

Want something a little less complicated?

There’s always the classic Black Friday/Cyber Monday deal: percentages off of classes with a coupon or a discounted class packages. (Hint, hint… this is super easy to setup within onPodio)

In a year when many people might be paring back their expenses, a seasonal sale on your class packs or holiday promo code allows: 

  • your consistent clients to treat themselves to more sessions, maybe more than they would have purchased at one time if you didn’t host a sale
  • your potential new clients to pull the trigger on some retail therapy that benefits them (certainly way more than a kitchen appliance that will sit in the cabinets for months collecting dust).

Interested in teaching a series of special interest classes? 

A back-to-basics series is great to teach every so often, even for your most dedicated clients. If you know that at least some of your clients are purchasing some new equipment, now is a great time to teach a few basic form classes like Introduction to Kettlebells or Lifting 101 so clients can get some useful in-depth form coaching. Now could be a great time to teach a class of mindfulness and meditation classes alongside your usual Yoga Flow classes. The possibilities are endless. You can advertise a specific experience and suggest that your clients purchase a discounted pack of classes to use. 

Above All: Hype Yourself Up!

Don’t be afraid to remind your clients that buying from you is directly investing in a fitness entrepreneur this holiday season. This is YOUR business and a purchase directly supports you and your growing community. 

Just be sure you’re still charging something you feel is worth your time and expertise, even if it’s discounted! 

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