Do I need to collect liability waivers as a virtual fitness professional?

One question we often hear from fitness professionals is: do I need to collect a liability waiver or need insurance? The answer is yes! Keep reading for a few tips on how to get this setup with onPodio!

Indemnity Insurance

Indemnity insurance is essential for almost anyone owning a business. Especially as a virtual fitness coach it’s sometimes a little hard to manage the environment within which your clients are training and so it’s important you have the requisite protections in case they, in the off chance, injure themselves and claim it was your fault (you can minimize this risk by having your clients sign a waiver, but we’ll get to that next!). This is where indemnity insurance comes in.

Most policies cover any legal fees incurred from defending claims from any of your clients, as well as provide compensation to your client for any advice you give that they see as negligent or incorrect. Most policies start at only $30/month. Do you see why this is so important for fitness trainers? Although we hope nothing like this happens, it's better to be safer than sorry. 

Signing a Liability Waiver

Having your clients sign a liability waiver can be a great protection for you as an instructor, even when training virtually. With onPodio we’ve created a standard liability waiver that every client must agree to before purchasing a spot in your class whether live or on-demand. Our waivers automatically insert your name in the relevant fields and can help give you some peace of mind!

Click here to view the template waiver we automatically collect on behalf of instructors each time a client books their class.

Inform Your Audience

Make sure to let your clients know ahead of time that you are being a responsible professional and have all the legal and recommended assets for your business. If clients know you’re protecting yourself, they will be more secure in knowing you will protect them as well.

With onPodio’s custom website feature, you can provide your clients with all the information they need about your legal protections. And that way, if they have any questions, they can ask you before signing up. It’s a win-win for both you and your clients. Now that you’re all informed, you can get started!

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