How to make your live stream look professional 👌

Jumping into the Zoom room (or any livestream platform for that matter) it’s probably worth a little investment in time and possibly equipment to optimize the experience for your clients so they keep coming back. 

Here’s a couple of our tips on how you might make your live stream look professional.

Setting up your space

Background: Try to find a simple, clutter-free environment where you have a clean and ideally white background. A clean background helps your audience know where to focus and follow your directions. This doesn't mean you need to paint a wall or invest in a screen 😊 ... a little tidying up should do the trick!

Light: If there is a room or area where there is plenty of natural light then that’s the best spot. But of course if you don’t have access to natural lighting then you might consider investing in a ring light.

Audio: we all know that a fitness class is about the instruction and if you use music… well then the music too. Here’s a couple of helpful guide on getting those setup to perfection

Adapting your face-to-face workouts for live streams

When it comes to hosting face-to-face classes, you’re probably already a pro. However, you must consider tweaking your workouts when moving to the virtual world. 

Slow down to speed up

  • Slow your workout down a little, make sure you give a an explanation as you start a new set of exercises ensuring you explain the sequence and exercise itself. To the extent you think it's important try to also offer a little guidance before the class starts about the programming your clients should expect to set the scene. 

Give a heads up on equipment

  • Make sure your clients know in advance of the workout, what’s involved and what they need. I.e., gym towels, yoga mat, plenty of space, etc. 
  • If your clients are used to using your equipment, make sure to let them know that, that equipment won't be needed for this workout, or suggest some alternative equipment pieces, like a backpack, steps or a couch.

Start the live stream early and conduct a 5-min warm-up

  1. Try to start your stream a little early so you can get the setup out of the way and focus on the class before diving in. 
  2. Engaging with your clients and saying hello is critical, but where possible we recommend saving this for the end of the class for a couple of reasons:
  • If you plan to record the video and make it available on-demand then cropping the end of the video is typically easier then the start
  • Some clients may feel a little awkward if they aren’t part of the conversation and so saving this for end gives them the choice to drop if they choose

And if you need some pointers on what to tell or share with your clients about joining your Zoom live stream check out our guide here

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