How to offer memberships as a virtual fitness instructor?

Offering memberships as a virtual fitness professional can be a great asset to not only you, but your audience as well. We’ve gathered a few reasons why you should consider adding a membership option to your virtual fitness business and if you are looking for help in working out just how much to charge, we recently wrote about this and created a helpful guide which you can find here.

Memberships Can Create a Stable Stream of Income

If you don’t offer membership services, you can be left wondering how much you will be generating in the upcoming months. However, if you have recurring clients paying every month, you can have a much more accurate estimate of how much revenue your business will bring in. This will also help you accurately predict the growth for your business and prepare for your upcoming month. 

Trying to track down your customers and get them to pay you is not why you started your business. Recurring, automatic memberships are definitely the way to go! That stability can give you peace of mind as a fitness professional and allow you to focus more on the amazing virtual classes, content and services you will be providing to your clientele. With onPodio’s membership feature, you can manage your client’s memberships, all in one place!

Offer membership options as part of your virtual fitness business with onPodio

Memberships Can Encourage Positive, Long-term Client Relationships

If your audience is choosing to pay for a membership with you, it means they value your content and are looking to have a long term relationship with you and your business. You want your customers to be excited about your content to the point where they’re looking forward to the perks of a membership every month. Plus, you’re giving your audience the convenience of not having to remember to pay for your services or classes on an individual basis. That’s one less thing for them to worry about!

This predictable expense can also help your clients have a better idea what they need to budget every month. For example, say one of your clients forgot to budget in one of their classes for the week, and spent that money on a new pair of shoes instead. That can frustrate them as a customer and frustrate you as a business owner! On the other hand, if your clients know exactly how much they’ll be paying and it's a recurring expense, they will be more likely to remember to fit it into their budget every month. 

Add Perks to Your Memberships!

Along with producing great content, adding perks to your membership can really encourage your audience to purchase it, keep it and help seed a closeness to your community! 

Offering them something like 10% off their first month, free merch, or a membership credit for referring other clients can be a great incentive for them to take the leap and purchase a recurring subscription. Alternatively you can offer additional perks that bring members closer together such as a Facebook Group or WhatsApp thread specifically for members or a member only "Friday Wine Down".

This is also a great way to gain more clients for your business and get your current clients excited about their membership with you! If you're ready to launch your membership the next step is to think about pricing which you can find some helpful tips on by reading our post "How much should I charge for my virtual fitness class?"

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