How to play music over your Live Stream on Zoom

For many fitness classes music is key if not critical to the experience. So to nail the music experience you have a number of options, the easiest of which is to play it through Zoom directly.

In order to do this, it does require an additional step when you start the class but the good news is that it’s incredibly simple if you following these steps:

  1. After starting the Zoom meeting, click the 'Share' button in the toolbar
  2. At the bottom of the pop-up check the box to 'Share computer audio'
  3. This will then broadcast the music your play through your device to your clients speakers

What do I do about copyright music?

There isn't much information out there on how Zoom handles music streaming within it's meetings and webinars. However, they do have the following notice in their Terms of Service: 

COPYRIGHT. You may not post, modify, distribute, or reproduce in any way copyrighted material, trademarks, rights of publicity or other proprietary rights without obtaining the prior written consent of the owner of such proprietary rights. Zoom may deny access to the Services to any User who is alleged to infringe another party's copyright. Without limiting the foregoing, if You believe that Your copyright has been infringed, please notify Zoom as specified here. - Zoom

Is there another way to have music in class?

An alternative way to sharing the music directly through the class is to share a Spotify playlist with your members (something you can do with onPodio). This is a great way to make sure that you are playing it safe from a copyright perspective as your members will then be able to play the Spotify playlist on their own device using their own accounts. 

This means your clients will need to have their own Spotify accounts which may not be the case, but the benefit of this approach is that the quality of the sound will be perfect as it comes from the members own laptops.

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