How to record just the host screen with Zoom Cloud Recording?

So if you're ready to earn a little passive income by offering your classes on-demand for purchase then you might be considering using Zoom's Cloud Recording functionality which makes it incredibly easy to record your stream.

But in order to make sure these recordings are usable by your clients you'll want to make sure that the recording is always of you as the host of the meeting. If you've tried the recording feature before and failed it's probably because the recording jumped from screen to screen everytime someone coughed or sneezed and that's because Zoom's Cloud Recording feature by default records in what they call Active Speaker View which looks like this:

This is the right setting! But you need to make sure to do one of two things before recording...

To make sure that the recording stays on your screen for the entirety of the class then the recommended approach is to either

  • "Mute all participants upon entry" which you can do view your Zoom Settings. The downside of this is that it takes all the fun of the pre-class chat :( ... so consider the alternative.
  • "Mute all" participants once you're ready to start the class, start the recording, and boom the recording will be all you! 📽
Once you're ready to go use the "Mute All" button to prevent sounds from your clients microphones switching the active speaker for your recording

With this one step you'll not only make sure to have the perfect cloud recording which you can then add to your onPodio page using our on-demand feature but you'll also make sure that your clients are able to entirely focus on you and your class during the livestream too!

Happy streaming!

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