“I Created My Classes, Now What?” How To Get Fitness Clients

Your website is ready, you have an online platform set up, and you’ve laid out your personal training or virtual group fitness classes. The next step is getting your first fitness clients! 

onPodio can help you easily build your website, host your live and on-demand classes, and sell your packages and memberships. But, it will be up to you to bring in your first clients. 

The task might sound daunting, but there are several simple steps that you can take to start growing your business. And we’ve rounded up the top four steps to help you get fitness clients:

Virtual fitness instructors teach their online workouts to their fitness clients.

Reach out to your current network

One of the best places to start to get fitness clients is within your own network. Reach out to your friends, family, co-workers, and anyone else you know. Tell them the big news that you are starting your own virtual fitness business, and ask them if they’d be interested in signing up for one of your classes! 

To incentivize them even more, offer a free trial or a promotion if they sign up for one of your virtual fitness classes. But we’ll touch more on that in a minute. 

Don’t be afraid to ask for referrals

When you do land a client through your current network, don’t be afraid to ask them for referrals. They will have an entirely new community that you don’t have access to. 

You can even offer a referral program for anyone who brings a friend or someone they know to your workout classes. For example, offer a free class for every new client they refer to you. 

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Use social media to build community and make connections

Social media is an excellent (and mostly free!) way to build community and advertise your fitness classes. 

There are so many different social media platforms that you can start using to engage with your future clients. If you haven’t yet, set up a business profile or page and start telling people about your new fitness business! 

Your story and your work are what will differentiate you from other fitness professionals. Engaging with your potential clients can be the difference between a client that takes one intro class to a long term client that will refer you to their family and friends.

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Write blog posts or articles

Another strategy that can help you get fitness clients is search engine optimization (SEO). 

If you do some digging into this strategy, you might find that it can be overwhelming. 

But what you really need to know is that writing blog posts and articles for your fitness brand will help to establish yourself as a fitness expert. Staying consistent with posting blogs and articles about your fitness brand will tell Google you’re in the industry. And they’ll be more likely to show your articles to people searching for fitness classes. 

You can even start forming partnerships with others in the fitness industry by writing for other fitness or nutrition related publications. Ask them for a link back to your own blog, and that will help you rank higher on Google! 

Offer a trial promotion for new fitness clients

Using trials and promotions is an excellent way to help you get fitness clients. 

For some, taking virtual fitness classes or working with a new personal trainer can be intimidating. And that might make it harder for them to dole out their hard earned cash. 

Start with an affordable package or a free first class to make the process a little more accessible. Plus, it’s an easy way for them to test whether it is something they’d be interested in. 

Ask for testimonials and add them to your website

Future clients are going to look for reviews when they are considering taking your classes. If you have past clients or current clients that love your workouts, ask them to write a few positive words. And then start sharing those on your website and your social media accounts!

We’ve  given you some great questions to ask your clients in this blog post here so you can make sure you get an awesome testimonial for your fitness brand! 

These are just a few of the strategies that you can use to start bringing in your first fitness clients.

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