We launched onPodio 2.0 for virtual fitness professionals🚀

I am excited to share that we (quietly) launched onPodio 2.0 a few weeks ago— an all-in-one platform fitness professionals to get online and run their fitness business.

As we all know, the fitness industry dramatically changed a few weeks, supercharging an existing shift that was taking place— the empowerment of the fitness professional. The maturation (if not saturation) of the boutique fitness industry in most major markets, coupled with the celebritization of fitness professional and the insatiable demand for tailored experiences by consumers has rapidly accelerated a transition toward more direct relationships between consumer and fitness professional.

And while technology is pervasive within the fitness world for studios and gyms and “fitmass” platforms like Peloton and Tonal built for consumers, it has overlooked the most important element— the fitness professional. onPodio is changing that by lowering the technological barriers for fitness professionals to start, run and grow their own business.

What is onPodio?

onPodio is a turnkey “business in a box” solution built solely with the fitness professional in mind and provides a simply beautiful experience to start, run and grow a fitness business.

Our platform provides the technology and business infrastructure for fitness professional to accept group class bookings, automate private session scheduling, receive online payment or donations, begin building their own client database and start to creating their own fitness brand through comments and reviews from loyal clients in one spot.

Check out the demo here: onpodio.com/demo

So what exactly does onPodio 2.0 do?

💻 24/7 online bookings

Our class booking system lets professionals add their entire class schedule in one spot (virtual or in-person) so their clients can view and book into their classes seamlessly. Whether it’s a Zoom class, bootcamp, retreat, or even studio class, clients can view, book, pay (or donate) and save the class to their own dashboard.

📆 One-click client scheduling

onPodio lets fitness professionals add their weekly private session (e.g. PT) availability to their page so clients can simply find and request a convenient time in one click. The real-time availability scheduler replaces the painful back and forth over texts, calls, emails and DMs — eliminating the admin headache and optimizing the calendars of fitness creators to maximize revenue.

💰 Direct, instant payments

Fitness creators get paid immediately into their bank account via our integration with Stripe. With in-platform online payments there’s no awkward Venmo requests or disjointed Paypal links sent via email, no waiting, no messy accounting and no risk of forgetting to collect payment.

📝 Collect reviews & testimonials

Fitness professionals can finally take control of their brand and build a reputation by collecting client reviews in one simple spot. As with any service industry, trust and reputation is paramount, so with onPodio’s platform loyal clients can show their love beyond the end of class fist bump with tangible and consolidated reviews.

🙂 Create a custom fitness page

As much as trust and reputation is important, what makes fitness unique is the importance of a creators personality and fitness style—in many ways finding that perfect fitness professional is like dating! With onPodio fitness professionals can create their custom fitness page and integrate their music playlists, Instagram, and express their individuality to make it truly their own.

To support fitness professionals during this challenging and changing times onPodio 2.0 will be free to use for now.

If you’re a fitness professional running an independent or freelance business, and are in need of a booking, scheduling and payment management system then onPodio might just be the perfect solution for you. To check it out and get started visit onPodio.com

What’s next for onPodio?

The journey for onPodio has just begun. Our brilliant team has been hard at work for many months, and while we’re excited to announce this release, we are already working on the next thing to empower fitness professionals in building their fitness empires! 💪

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