Why every virtual fitness professional should record their live classes & offer them on-demand

If you started the virtual journey at the start of the pandemic, you’ve probably ironed out a lot of the kinks with live streams, have made them look perfect and are now in your groove. But if you aren’t already doing this, here’s why you should make sure to get into the habit of recording your classes and offering them as a on-demand option.

Let's walk through the why first before jumping into the how!

Why? It’s almost no extra work and could unlock a massive new revenue opportunity

At its simplest, the cost vs. benefit of recording live streams and offering classes on-demand makes sense. 

You pour a ton of time and energy orchestrating each and every live stream class - the music, the programming, the promotion and then ultimately the game-day performance in class. So with an extra 5 minutes you can unlock an entirely new revenue stream - one that can literally generate revenue for you in your sleep. 

As you’ve probably seen before your incredibly loyal clients will do what it takes to make it to your live streams, but life happens and that might not always be possible so class recordings can also:

  • Make your classes more accessible for clients who can’t join live
  • Offer a free class recording as a promotional tool for new clients
  • Add a new dimension to your virtual fitness business & package classes into special offerings (e.g. the "HIIT Series")
  • Build a library which you can also use as a personal learning tool 

It takes just a single sale per live stream for it to be worthwhile and in fact some fitness professionals using onPodio today generate more from their on-demand recordings of their live streams then from the live stream itself. 

Using onPodio makes it incredibly simple to offer your class recording as an on-demand option for clients

How? The good news is that it’s incredibly simply to record and offer your classes on-demand

Adding on-demand to your suite of client offerings in collaboration with onPodio is incredibly easy to do! We’ll walk through the short 5 minute setup version and the extra short 2 minute setup version.

The 2 minute option: Use Zoom’s cloud recording feature

Using Zoom’s built-in cloud recording capabilities is incredibly simple - it’s literally a single additional setting. Learn more about Zoom's Cloud Recording feature.

Step-by-step Guide

  1. Start a meeting as the host (as you normally world)
  2. Click the Record button, select Record to the Cloud
  3. After class you’ll receive the link to the cloud recording from Zoom via email 
  4. Create a new on-demand class via onPodio using the cloud link
  5. That’s it!

You’ll be surprised at just how easy it is!

The 5 minute option: Use a second camera + Vimeo

Using a separate camera and a video hosting platform like Vimeo you can deliver on-demand videos that are of higher video quality. Learn more about Vimeo's Plans.

Step-by-step Guide

  1. Setup a separate camera from your live stream (e.g. phone or tablet)
  2. Record the class using this camera 
  3. After class make some minor edits (e.g. crop the start / end of the recording so you’re not walking to and from the camera 🙂)
  4. Upload the recording to a Vimeo Pro account. (Important!) Configure your Vimeo privacy settings and be sure to enable the “Only people with the private link” option.
  5. Create a new on-demand class via onPodio using the Vimeo link
  6. That’s it!

Create your on-demand class offering today

With onPodio and a video recording and hosting solution, you can have a powerful on-demand offering up and running in less than 5 minutes. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us.

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