Why every fitness instructor should simultaneously livestream in-person classes?

Nowadays, it's so important to be flexible and adapt to the world’s current circumstances, and fitness professionals are no exception to this. If you live in an area where COVID restrictions are being lifted, congratulations! You’re probably thrilled to be able to start going back to normal. However, in most places, these restrictions aren’t completely lifted. What does this mean for you, as a fitness instructor?

Because most gyms and studios will have capacity limits once they are opened, it may be difficult to get back to those full house classes like you once did. So how do you solve this: with a Hybrid Strategy. 

Many fitness instructors are taking advantage of this time and utilizing all possible platforms to grow their business and satisfy their clients. Keep reading to find out a few of the reasons you should follow suit and use hybrid solutions. 

Why consider a hybrid class?

Most gyms and studios have already adopted this method so that they can still run their business during this time. But as a fitness instructor, you should be planning for it as well! 

Most studios, gyms and outdoor spaces are opening back up with severe restrictions which means that you can’t train as many clients at a time as you usually would. Not to mention that some of your clients are likely to feel more comfortable working out from home for the immediate future. 

So if you’re thinking about adding in-person classes in the short and medium term then we’d highly recommend thinking about your broader hybrid strategy as opposed to one or othe other. This will allow you to train the maximum number of clients, expand your earnings potential and your clientele! 

How to simultaneously livestream your in-person class?

If you host group fitness classes we’d recommend planning to simultaneously livestream the session for the clients that aren’t able to make it in person. You can even create a virtual library of your classes so that your clients can have them on demand! This allows you to reach as many people as possible and keep your clients satisfied. 

If this is something you’re not sure your clients would utilize, just ask them! You can create an Instagram Poll to get feedback from your audience, and they may even have some suggestions for you. 

If you’re planning on offering hybrid in-person classes that are simultaneously live-streamed virtually then using onPodio makes this incredibly simple for both you and your clients. Learn more about onPodio here.

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